What to Pack

I love travelling but I hate packing!

Whatever you don't have...you can buy when you get there! 

This is my motto for travelling in general. Bring the basics as you're going to want an empty suitcase to bring all your wonderful purchases back.

Make a List.

Do this 1 month before the trip, look at the list again 1 week before the trip and cross out at least half. Finally the night before - PACK!

This is my essentials list:

  • Curvy Chic Tour Information Pack
  • Travel Insurance
  • Passport
  • Cash, Credit Cards, ATM Card or Travel Card
  • ESTA Visa
  • TSA Compliant Lock - it should have a red TSA logo on it. If your bags are opened they wont break the lock - I'm sure they're all like this now but just double check
  • Copy of your Passport, Credit Cards, Travel Insurance etc - you never know
  • Any medications you might need - I always pack a small First Aid Kit - I keep it basic with headache tablets etc
  • Skin care - minimal - in small containers. You'll want to visit Sephora - the hotel will have shampoo, conditioner and a hairdryer. It's a lower voltage in the USA, 120V, so hairdryers/straighteners/curling irons will run slower. If you have to bring it you'll need a voltage convertor
  •  Comfortable Shoes! Bring 2 pairs - the ones you've got on - the comfortable ones, that you're feet love. They're the shoes you're going to be walking around town in so they need to be comfortable, you don't want blisters slowing you down. The second pair are the ones for going out in the evening. You can buy more shoes when you get there
  • Comfortable Clothing - not too much - clothing that's easy to get in and out of
  • Chargers for you phone or tablet. Don't pack the laptop! Small is easier.


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